How it Works


Welcome to SO News, a new and interactive way to engage in the stories that you want to talk about.

How does SO News work?

SO News works by crowdsourcing its information. In short, this means that stories can be shaped and developed by you, the user. Crowdsourcing is a great way to create content as it allows for news to spread both quickly and be reactive to changes in events.

Our Newsroom

The SO Newsroom is unlike any other with all our latest leads posted in one public space. Anyone can contribute by either tweeting in (@SOnewsroom) or by writing on the newsroom wall. Users can see what others are saying about a topic in realtime and add any information they might know, to help provide context and build a more detailed story.

How a tweet turns into a story.

Once a story is verified by at least 2 independent sources, (via the newsroom) it can be investigated further with the potential for a full article. If you are one of the sources, you may be contacted by the newsroom for any extra information you have, to help build a more detailed and reliable post. To create even more engaging content, we may ask for any images or video clips you have taken (with you permission).

Our Design

We believe the newspaper layout is great on paper but falls short on the web, which is why we have adopted a chronological format. This layout allows you to quickly and easily catch-up on news without missing articles that are sometimes lost in the maze of sections and categories of other sites.

The Old Way

The SO News Design


The design is easy to use and contains a powerful search tool to make finding the information you want to read that little bit easier.

SOcial stories

The three posts in the header are the top ‘SOcial stories’. These articles have attracted the most discussion and debate over the last few days, weeks and months. Whether people are debating the impact of the Olympic Games on the British economy, to the ethics of stop and search laws, ‘SOcial Stories’ are a great way for you to keep in the know with what people are talking about.


We hope you enjoy the site and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via